The Clarendon & Concord Lodge of Instruction meet on the first Monday of the months of January, February, March, April, September, October, November and December.

Our Lodge of Instruction is open for any Brother to join, the aims of the Lodge of Instruction is to gain an understanding of the Ritual and Ceremonies of the Lodge, while the design of the lodge is normally a rehearsal of a ceremony, where the officers of the regular lodge usually practice a position they expect to be in office the following year. It is also a chance for any brother to practice additional ritual if they so wish.

We have two preceptors as well as several experienced past masters who are always willing to offer advice and encouragement.

All Master Masons of The Clarendon Lodge No.5908 and The Lodge of Concord No.632 are welcome to be members of the Lodge of Instruction, whether they desire to progress through the Chair of King Solomon or not.
These meetings are casual with a some light refreshments and drinks with a chat afterwards.
We also have an annual meeting with the Lodge of Instruction of Chaloner Lodge during our February meeting.